Year 3 Maths Number and Place Value Games

Year 3 Maths Number and Place Value GamesYear 3 Maths Number and Place Value Games

Each game concentrates on one precise skill or concept. There are 8 questions to answer, followed by a printable answer sheet.

Game 1: Counting in multiples of 100
Counting objects in multiples of 100, up to 1 000.

Game 2: Reading place value grids
Read the place value grids using hundreds, tens and ones.

Game 3: Using base 10 blocks
Writing numbers by reading the value of base 10 blocks.

Game 4: Using <, > and = signs
Using the <, > and = symbols to compare two place value grids.

Game 5: 100 more or less
Finding 100 more than or 100 less than 3-digit numbers.

Game 6: Making the largest 3-digit number
Finding the largest 3-digit number you can make with three digit cards.

Game 7: Using number lines
Find the number shown by the arrow on the number line.

Game 8: Completing the number track
Fill in the missing number on the number track: counting in whole hundreds or fifties.

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