Addition and Subtraction

Addition and Subtraction

We have just added a superb collection of worksheets to our addition and subtraction categories for Years 1, 2 and 3.

Year 1 subtraction includes investigative activities such as finding as many different calculations as possible from given numbers.

In Year 2 we have concentrated on bar modelling and number lines to help with adding and subtracting a single digit to/from a 2-digit number. Bar models can be extremely effective in showing visually the maths that needs to be done and number lines are great for helping children to count on and back to complete simple calculations.

We especially like our most recent addition pages for Year 3, finding the greatest and smallest numbers from three digit cards and then finding the difference. We also have new worksheets on counting back in tens, and our Brainwhizz pages encourage fast mental recall of facts to add and subtract whole hundreds.

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