Maths Mastery: Add and Subtract

Maths Mastery: Add and Subtract Year 2

Many schools are now following a maths mastery approach to teaching which involves teaching topics in longer blocks to ensure that children have a firm understanding before moving on. For the next five weeks addition and subtraction takes centre stage in the Year 2 mastery block planning. Starting with numbers up to a total of 20, children will be expected to understand the relationship between addition and subtraction and identify related facts.

Mental skills are vital when adding a single digit to a 2-digit number and subtracting a single digit from a 2-digit number. This will continue when working with larger numbers as children gain a range of strategies to work out answers.

Towards the end of the block children will also be introduced to the column method of addition, leading to an exchange when there are more than nine ones. In a similar way subtraction using columns will be introduced where children use their knowledge that one ten is the same as ten ones.

A great deal of progress is expected here, especially in a relatively short time in the first term of the school year. Addition and subtraction are not considered as a block again during the year but it is essential to provide plenty of opportunities to use both in other areas, such as measurement and problem solving.

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Maths Mastery: Add and Subtract Year 3

We have just collated an excellent selection of resources for the second block of the Autumn Term for Year 3 Mastery resources. The numbers to add and subtract get larger in Year 3, starting with adding whole hundreds. Mental strategies are still the best method when adding or subtracting ones or tens to/from hundreds as it is usually the quickest and most efficient method. Bar models can be very helpful with this.

The standard written method is consolidated, usually with easier numbers, but children will need to decide the best method to use when adding or subtracting.
Children should be encouraged to check their answers by using a different method so that any possible errors are not repeated; for example use subtraction to check the answer to an addition question.

This is a 5 week block. As well as the resources in the Mastery category there are a great many more in our Year 3 Addition and Subtraction categories.

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