Maths Mastery

YMaths Mastery Year 1ear 1 Maths Mastery programme: Geometry

Just a one week block for Geometry/Shape although this is returned to later in the year.

Children will be introduced to a variety of 3D-shapes including the cube, cuboid, cylinder, pyramid, cone and sphere. They will begin to recognise that a shape can have the same name but be a different size or orientation. Plenty of practical work needed here as children sort and name shapes.

2D shapes are also introduced, including triangles, squares, rectangles and circles.

Making patterns using these shapes will include using ordinal numbers to describe the patterns.

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Year 2 Maths Mastery programme: Money

Money, one of the most important aspects of primary maths in Year 2, can be used to help with counting, addition and subtraction in a really practical way.

Children can count coins and notes (but not convert pounds and pence at this stage). There are plenty of opportunities for reasoning and problem solving during this fortnight: finding what can be bought and making totals using various coins.

Finding change is an excellent way to illustrate subtraction, which can be done by adding on to the smaller amount.

This is a two week block but we have many more activities in our Money category in Year 2.

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Year 3 Maths Mastery programme: Multiplication and Division

This is a three week block concentrating on multiplying and dividing by 3, 4 and 8. A thorough understanding of the relationship between multiplication and division is important and bar models can help with each of the times tables.
The 8 times table can be shown to be double the 4 times table, which, in turn, can be shown to be double the 2 times table.

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