Maths Mastery

Year 1 Mastery programme: Block 5: Consolidation

The final block of the term is just one week on consolidation and what better way to go over what has been covered than by using some fun Christmas themes. Counting stockings and hats, ordering numbers of Christmas puddings and comparing numbers of baubles are just some of the activities on offer. These all consolidate the learning that has taken place this term.

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Year 2 Mastery Programme: Block 4: Multiplication

The term is rounded off with two weeks looking at multiplication. To begin with multiplication can be seen as repeated addition. The use of arrays can also help children understand multiplication. Once children are happy with understanding what multiplication is they can move on to the 2 times table: bar modelling can illustrate this table very well.
The 5 times table and 10 times table are also introduced and children should be able to recall and use these facts. Both worksheets and on-screen activities are now available.

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Year 3 Mastery Programme: Block 4: Consolidation

The end of term with Christmas activities drawing near can be a time when the curriculum loses focus, so why not use Christmas as a theme for consolidating what has been learned during the term. Addition, bar modelling and division all feature in our Christmas maths activities. There are more on the main site in the Further Resources category.

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