Free resources for Valentine’s Day

Free resources for Valentine’s Day

Linking maths to seasonal events is often a great idea so why not add a topical twist to your maths lessons by using our Valentine’s Day worksheets? We have a fun selection of maths worksheets, all with a Valentine’s Day theme and all absolutely free for non-members.

For younger children our worksheets include counting hearts in twos, and some hearty addition and subtraction questions.

For older children we have a Valentine Special on making a total of 100 and hardest of all, is a set of number sequences which includes negative numbers.

On a more serious note is an excellent comprehension looking at the origin of Valentine’s Day, as well as a tricky word problem page. These can be found in our English, Special Occasions category.

These are freely available to all subscribers and trial members.

Valentine’s Day Maths

Valentine’s Day English