New timed challenges for times tables

New this week: great timed activities for times tables, year 1 and 2 position and direction, time in year 3, converting measurements in year 5 and fractions in year 6.

Timed challenges for times tables
Just how many times table questions can you answer in a minute? Find out now: tables from 2 times up to 12 times. I think 16 or more is a good score!
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Year 1 Describe Position
Lots of colourful new resources for Year 1 to help with describing position, directions and movement, including left and right turns.
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Year 2 Describe Position
In Year 2 we have just published new resources concentrating on quarter, half and three-quarter turns, as well as clockwise and anticlockwise. Great fun!
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Year 3 Time
Over 40 new worksheets and answer pages on time, including problem solving activities, journey times, a.m. and p.m. and the 24 hour clock.
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Year 5 Measurement
Really tricky new pages on converting measurements, such as millimetres to metres and fractions of metres to centimetres. A good understanding is needed for these!
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Year 6 Fractions
Multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000 should be easy but can pose problems when using decimals. Take a look at our latest set of pages.
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