New on-screen activities and worksheets this week

New on-screen activities and worksheets this week:

Great new on-screen activities for Year 2

Superb on-screen activities now available on comparing numbers, including finding the largest/smallest numbers and comparing 2-digit numbers with base 10 blocks.

Go to Maths Games: Year 2: Number and Place Value

MTC update

As new information has arrived from the Standards and Testing Agency we have updated our MTC to include optional colour contrasts and the ability to add or remove the ‘Next’ button between questions. If you are looking for a quick and accurate check which is easy to give to children to practise for the real one-off check, then here it is! Full printable answers available after the check has been completed.
This is free to use even without a current subscription.

Go to Maths Games: MTC

Year 1 Making Comparisons

Bright and colourful new sets of worksheets on ordering and comparing numbers, including most/least, biggest/smallest with illustrations including caravans in the summer holidays!

Go to Year 1 Ordering Numbers

Year 2 Measuring Capacity

Comparing capacity, using millilitres and reading scales are all included in our latest Year 2 Measurement pages.

Go to Year 2 Measurement

Year 3 Shape

Wow! Nine new sets on Shape for Year 3, including 2D and 3D shapes, horizontal, vertical and parallel lines and lots more.

Go to Year 3 Geometry (Shape)

Year 4 Number and Place value

Counting in multiples of 1 000 is a further addition to our Year 4 Counting category. With over 60 sets of worksheets all the major targets are covered in detail.

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