New this week

Year 2 Shape pattern worksheets

Sorting shapes and creating repeating patterns is an important practical aspect of Year 2 work. New this week is a collection of great pages on 2D shape patterns where children have to predict what the next shapes will be, as well as spotting mistakes in patterns.

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Year 4 Counting

Counting can easily be overlooked in Year 4, but there are still many important targets to meet, including counting in 25s and in whole thousands. Take a look at our very latest bright and lively pages.

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Year 6 Drawing pie charts

We have just published a super set of pages on how to draw pie charts from given data. Finding the number of degrees needed for each set is not easy and knowledge of how to use a protractor is essential. Don’t forget to look at our interpreting pie chart pages as well.

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English writing for young children

I love these simple, colourful pages for young children to complete, using the pictures and words to help, including assistance from our famous maths rats.
From pirates to dragons, from zoos to football matches, our inspirational worksheets for Year 1 and Year 2 provide a range of topics for writing sentences and short stories, with plenty of words and images to help. The pages help children with planning and writing down ideas and key words, including new vocabulary they might like to use. Add colourful illustrations to the equation and story writing becomes fun and enjoyable.

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