Further Year 1 Addition and subtraction on-screen practice

Year 1 addition and subtractionFurther Year 1 Addition and subtraction on-screen practice

Our on-screen practice activities are highly focussed, concentrating on just one aspect of mathematical learning at a time. They also include the opportunity to print out results, showing exactly what the child has entered; great for assessment purposes. We have just published 12 more on-screen activities for Year 1 Addition, concentrating on three targets:
• finding how many more to make a total
• knowing that addition can be done in any order
• adding a single digit to a teen

Our latest on-screen resources for Year 1 Subtraction include:
• using the language of subtraction
• subtracting a single digit from 20

Images, bar models and number lines feature, giving a wide choice of activities according to the ability of your children and the methods they are using in school. These are superb practice resources to help children develop their mental arithmetic skills and knowledge.

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