One minute timed challenges for Year 2 plus new Year 4/5 pages

New this week:

One minute timed challenges for Year 2

Four great new on-screen activities have now been published, where children have just one minute to answer as many questions as possible. Reading number lines up to 100 is a real challenge and don’t expect high scores, as it takes some time to read the number line accurately. Comparing 2-digit numbers shown as numbers or base ten blocks will demonstrate children’s knowledge of place value, whilst the odd and even numbers game should result in high scores. Gold, silver and bronze certificates are available for good scores, which can be printed out as a record of achievement.

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Worksheets: Year 4 Addition of decimals

We have a great selection of pages for children to practice the formal written method of addition and have just added some further pages on adding decimals. It is very important to line up the decimal points in a vertical line so that tenths and hundredths are added correctly.

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Year 5 Subtraction

We have had several requests for more subtraction using the formal written method, but with missing digits: so here they are! A favourite with the KS2 SAT testers these really show whether children have understood the method.

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