On-screen practice for Year 3

on-screen activitiesOn-screen practice for Year 3

Just what many of you have requested: highly focussed activities for Year 3 providing unlimited practice on the screen, whether using PC, Mac, ipad or even phone. Each activity concentrates on just one mental arithmetic skill and our latest resources cover:

Adding a single digit to a 3-digit number
Adding two 3-digit numbers, not crossing the tens or hundreds
Adding multiples of 100
Adding a multiple of 10 to a 3-digit number
Subtracting multiples of 10 from 3-digit numbers
Subtracting multiples of 100

Subtracting a single digit from a 3-digit number, crossing the tens or hundreds
Number lines and base ten blocks give you choices of how to help children develop the mental skills necessary, but for those who are really proficient there are one minute challenges, aimed at getting as high a score as possible. Printable answer pages or certificates are also available, which are ideal as records of achievement or assessment.

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