New Worksheets

New Worksheets this week:

Year 4 Problem Solving

High quality reasoning and problem solving activities are not easy to find in a search of the web but we have a wide range of pages for all year groups and have just published two more challenging sets for Year 4; one on finding numbers from given clues and one on place value counters. To succeed both require logical thought and perseverance.

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Year 5 Addition of decimals

New this week is some more practice at adding decimals. Key to this is understanding the value of each digit and when to exchange (crossing tenths, ones, tens etc).

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Year 6 Place value with numbers in the millions

Children in Year 6 are expected to deal with very large numbers, up to tens of millions. This is not easy and our latest set of pages on knowing the value of digits up to 10 000 000 will certainly show if this has been mastered.

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Adverbs of degree

Adverbs of degree can tell us more about the intensity or degree of an adjective. They are usually placed before the adjective they are modifying.
Here is an example of an adverb of degree which tells us more about the adjective:
Tim dived into the extremely cold sea.
The word extremely tells us more about how cold the sea was.
We have just published three excellent sets of worksheets to help with understanding adverbs of degree, ideal for Year 4/5 children.

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