On-screen practice for Year 1

On-screen practice for Year 1

It’s holiday time, but 5 minutes of fun maths, squeezed in during the day will ensure that skills are not forgotten and our latest activities for Year 1 are ideal for this.
We have just published 30 new on-screen activities for Year 1 Number, giving us really comprehensive coverage of the key learning objectives. The topics this week include:

• Sorting and counting objects with numbers up to ten
• Counting up to 10
• Counting up to 20
• Using the correct vocabulary to compare numbers
• Finding more than and less than
• More counting: up to 100

Each of our activities is highly focussed, concentrating on one objective. They are short, so children do not lose interest and they are marked on-screen. Printable results sheets are provided, or in the case of our one minute challenges, the score achieved and certificates for high scores.

We know of nowhere else which provides such a detailed collection of activities which can be played on the screen using PC, Mac, tablets such as the iPad or even iPhone.

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