Addition and subtraction practice for Year 1

Addition and subtraction on-screen practice for Year 1

Wow! Fabulous new activities to give endless practice for all those important addition and subtraction skills in Year 1.

Memory challenge: Finding pairs of numbers that total 10

Fast mental recall of simple addition facts as well as a good memory are both needed for our latest activity; making totals of 10 from two upturned cards.
Uncover any two of the eight cards and if they make a total of 10 then they remain shown; if not, they become hidden again. The key to success is remembering where the numbers are positioned.
Great for reinforcing totals that make 10.

Finding 3 small numbers that total 10

Four new games all focussed on finding three small numbers that total 10. Choose the most appropriate for your child, with images, bar models and number lines to help, or no help at all for those confident enough.

Adding a single digit to 10

Once again images, bar models and number lines are available if needed whilst children become confident with adding a single digit to 10.

Subtraction: Find the missing number

These 4 activities are a great way to show the relationship between addition and subtraction. Answers can be found by adding on to the answer to reach the first number in the statement.

Subtract from a 2-digit (teen) number crossing the tens

To complete a set of four, we now have an on-screen activity for subtracting from a teen number with the help of images. This complements early practical work using objects (counters etc) to take away small numbers, before children move on to more abstract calculations.

Look out for more Year 1 addition and subtraction games, including timed activities, later in the summer.

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