Worksheets: Year 4 Addition and subtraction

Worksheets: Year 4 Addition and subtraction

Two new sets of pages, using bar models, have just been published in our Year 4 Addition category. They are both hard to do mentally and may need the help of jottings. For example, in the first set, a question such as: 623 + 127 could be done mentally, with jottings, or using the formal written method. When it comes to mental addition I usually do it in the reverse order than on paper, adding the hundreds, then the tens and finally the ones. I add 600 and 100 to make 700, then 20 and 20 to make 740 before finishing with the 3 and 7 to make a further 10, making a final total of 750. When doing these think of the approach that you use, which may well be different from the above.

The second set has word problems using 4-digit numbers, which are really stretching the limits of mental arithmetic and children should decide whether they need to write the sum out to find the answer.

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We also have published questions of a similar style in our Year 4 Subtraction category, again using bar models and allowing children to decide the best approach to working out the answers. It is always a good idea to ask children why they chose a particular approach.

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