New Year 4 on-screen practice for addition

Year 4 addition gamesNew Year 4 on-screen practice for addition

Suitable for PCs, Macs, tablets and iPhones, our latest on-screen activities focus on mental arithmetic skills for Year 4. Starting with unlimited practice of 2-digit addition we move onto adding multiples of 100 and making a total of 10,000. Where appropriate we use bar models and number lines to help children. The activities are not too long; a maximum of ten questions which are marked on the screen and printed results pages are also available. This makes them ideal for both practice and assessment. For those who have really mastered addition we have our timed one minute challenges with certificates for good scores.

These activities are ideal for children who are still uncertain with mental addition of larger numbers. They each focus on just one skill, can be repeated as often as needed and show exactly what needs further practice. Why not have a go yourself?

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