KS2 English Grammar Paper for 2019

KS2 English grammar papersKS2 English Grammar Paper for 2019

The Key Stage 2 English grammar and punctuation test in May 2019 was made up of 50 questions, with one mark for each question. Children had 45 minutes to complete the test. Some questions required no writing, others a word, a few words or a complete sentence.

The questions were taken from all aspects of the grammar framework of the national curriculum, but it is interesting to see how many questions were taken from each content domain reference. Below is a breakdown of this:

G1 Grammatical terms/word classes: 13 questions
This covers areas such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions etc and 9 of the 13 questions were found in the second half of the test.

G2 Functions of sentences: 2 questions
Recognising sentences as statements, questions etc.

G3 Combining words, phrases and clauses: 4 questions
This involves using relative clauses, noun phrases and conjunctions to extend the sentence.

G4 Verb forms, tenses and consistency: 6 questions
This involves using relative clauses, noun phrases, conjunctions etc to extend a sentence. All six questions found in the second half of the test.

G5 Punctuation: 16 questions
The old favourites such as question marks, commas for lists, semi-colons and apostrophes are all found in this section.

G6 Vocabulary: 6 questions
Knowing and understanding terms such as prefix, suffix, antonym and synonyms are important to successfully answer these questions.

G7 Standard English and formality: 3 questions
Easier than it sounds, usually recognising the correct words to complete sentences in Standard English.

Clearly the majority of the test is taken up with understanding grammatical terms and punctuation: 58% in total. Fortunately, we have a great selection of pages on both these categories and if children do show areas they need to improve on after taking the test it is well worth visiting our grammar category.

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