Halloween Maths and English worksheets

Halloween Maths and English worksheets

British Summer Time ends next weekend which, for many people, is not the most popular event of the year. However, as the evenings draw in it is an opportunity to look at some of the resources which are available free of charge for anyone who has a trial. These resources do not count towards the 5 free credits available on trial.

Coming up first is Halloween. The date is celebrated more in America than here, but every year it does seem to be more popular with pumpkins, apple bobbing, dressing up in witches’ costumes and trick or treating becoming very familiar to us all.

To mark the occasion we have a number of free resources, all with a ghostly, witchlike theme.

We have a set for young children on using the word, ‘bigger’, as well as counting and matching.

The second set of pages looks at number problems. Put a number through the x4 and +5 cauldrons to see what comes out. There are also some tricky missing digits questions. These are suitable for Year 3 onwards.

Partitioning 3-digit numbers in different ways is also included with a fun witches’ cauldron theme.

The ‘Maths Spells’ worksheet is great for practising multiplication and addition with a Halloween theme.
Much trickier is our four ghosts problem. Using just four fours and the usual mix of signs, what numbers can be made? A good investigation for older children.

Finally we have something slightly different which can be found in our English, ‘Further resources’ category. These worksheets include looking at vocabulary connected to Halloween with fun activities and a word list to help with story writing. Not forgetting a great activity on Macbeth for older children.

Hurry: these free pages will only be available until the end of the month.

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