KS2 SATs Success with Geometry

KS2 SATs Success with Geometry/Shape

The questions on the Maths SAT Reasoning Papers tend to be very similar from year to year, which means that, with practice, children can become confident answering the type of questions that they will meet. Shape/Geometry questions are extremely popular in the KS2 Maths Reasoning Papers and we have just published 5 sets of excellent worksheets covering the style of questions found in the 2019 papers, which are very likely to come up again next year.

Firstly, children need to know what acute and obtuse angles are, as questions come up such as:

‘When you halve the size of an obtuse angle you always get an acute angle.’

This is not a simple yes/no answer, as the mark is awarded for a good explanation as to why the above is correct.

Measuring angle correctly is also a popular question and we have an excellent selection of pages based on previous SAT Paper questions.

Using co-ordinates is a favourite with the examiners and we have just published two new sets on describing position using co-ordinates and reflecting shapes on a co-ordinate grid. Also new this week is an excellent set of worksheets on reflecting shapes in a mirror line. All these topics came up in this year’s tests.

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