Free Christmas activities

Free Christmas activities

The end of the Autumn Term is certainly hectic, with teachers and children heavily engaged in Christmas activities, plays, carol concerts etc, all of which have to be fitted in around the normal curriculum. A high priority for us when writing maths worksheets is to create bright and lively pages which will, in themselves, interest children. Christmas time is no exception and we have a special section devoted to Christmas themed maths. It is easy to miss this category as it is not part of the yearly programmes but is found in Further Resources: Special Occasions section and it is free to all trial members for the next month.

Christmas trees, stockings, decorations and reindeer are just some of the topics in our great selection of maths worksheets to use over the Christmas period.

For the youngest children we have some fun counting baubles, stockings and hats, together with halving small numbers with Christmas illustrations and using the <, > and = signs.
Christmas is always a busy time of year in our shops and this is reflected in our special Christmas shopping pages. They range in difficulty from counting in steps of 10 pence when buying tree decorations to finding change from £2 or from £10 after buying a selection of Christmas goodies.
If you prefer some investigation challenges, then why not try our Christmas Tree Stars, Christmas Tree Addition or Snowflake number pages.

We also have a lovely set of pages based on the 12 Days of Christmas as well as two great sets of Christmas word problems for older children.

Our Special Occasions section of the Maths site is a great place to look for seasonal worksheets. With over 50 sets of topical worksheets to choose from it is not to be missed. The Years 1 and 3 programme for Maths Mastery also has Christmas themed worksheets for the consolidation week at the end of term and best of all, the Christmas resources are free to all trial members!

We also have an excellent selection of English resources on Christmas themes, including crosswords, anagrams and vocabulary. These are ideal for those odd moments leading up to Christmas as well as the inevitable wet breaks.

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