Year 2: Subtraction

Year 2 SubtractionYear 2 Subtraction

We have a superb collection of worksheets for subtraction in Year 2, with over 40 sets, each focussed on one particular skill. This week we have added more pages which look at:

• Subtracting small numbers in columns
Subtracting using columns is introduced in Year 2 beginning with single digit numbers before moving on to 2-digit numbers. The key here is to understand the value of the tens digit when writing numbers in columns and that one ten is the same as ten ones.

• The relationship between addition and subtraction
Understanding the relationship between addition and subtraction is crucial if children are going to make rapid progress with mental arithmetic. Many questions which appear in the form of a subtraction can actually be answered by adding.
For example 43 – 39 can be worked out by adding on in ones from 39 to 43.

• Finding the missing numbers and signs
A rather unconventional set of pages as the number sentences have a missing number and a missing sign. Luckily the missing numbers are only one of two choices; on the first page this is 4 or 7. Not sure how this works? Why not take a look now?

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