Maths Mastery in Year 4 Decimals and Consolidation

Maths Mastery in Year 4 Decimals and ConsolidationMaths Mastery in Year 4 Decimals and Consolidation

The second half of the Spring term in Year 4 is dominated by decimals, with several key targets to be met, and we are pleased to add 15 sets of worksheets to our maths mastery resources, including several brand new sets.

Beginning with recognising tenths, before moving on to writing tenths as decimals, we also have some great pages on putting decimals in order. Once understanding of tenths has been mastered children can move on to working with hundredths. Again, a key part of this is recognizing and writing decimal equivalents of hundredths.

Our final block for Maths Mastery in the Spring Term is a week’s consolidation. With Easter coming up we have 5 great activities:

• Finding the weight of fractions of a bar of chocolate
• Selling tenths of chocolate cakes at the Easter fair
• Some very fishy number questions requiring excellent detective skills
• Reasoning about numbers
• Explain why and how problems have been solved.

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