KS2 Maths Booster Statistics questions

KS2 Maths Booster Statistics questionsKS2 Maths Booster Statistics questions

Children must not be put under undue pressure in the lead up to the KS2 Maths SATs, but it is important that their SATs results reflect their true ability. We’ve found the best way to assure this is by increasing confidence and reducing stress in the run up to the test. Both these can be achieved by giving practice in the kinds of questions which come up year after year.

Our Booster resources not only give free access to relevant past papers but also supply a great range of pages with very similar questions to those found in recent tests. All carefully written to include both questions from the calculations paper and the two reasoning papers they form part of a complete programme of revision material.

So if you’re looking for resources that can help your child increase confidence, reduce stress and perform to their true potential then go to our fabulous Booster category.

This week we have published two new sets based on last year’s Reasoning Papers. The first looks at equations with two unknowns and the second at writing expressions. Each of these is quite tricky.

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