Year 2 unlimited practice of subtraction

Year 2 unlimited practice of subtractionYear 2 unlimited practice of subtraction

We have a really thorough collection of on-screen resources for children to practice subtraction skills in Year 2 and this week we have just added four further activities.

Our latest activities are very specific mental arithmetic skills:

• Subtracting 9 from any 2-digit number
• Subtracting 19 from any 2-digit number
• Subtracting 11 from any 2-digit number
• Subtracting 21 from any 2-digit number

Usually the best way to subtract 9 from a number is to subtract 10 and then add 1, which can be done really quickly, ‘in your head’. The main exception is when subtracting 9 from a number with 9 in the ones e.g. 59 subtract 9.

The same process can be used for subtracting 19: take 20 and add one.
Subtracting 11 and 21 can also be done in two parts: in the case of 11, subtract 10 and then subtract 1.

These activities are just a small part of our Year 2 on-screen activities, which include at least 3 or 4 games on each of:

• recalling subtraction facts to 20
• finding ten less than
• subtracting multiples of 10
• subtracting from multiples of 10
• using the vocabulary of subtraction
• subtracting a 1-digit number from a 2-digit number
• subtracting a 2-digit number from a 2-digit number, not crossing the tens.

We believe that short, sharp bursts of practice with these activities really improves children’s mental skills and of course, if they do really well, then there is the option to print the fully marked answer page as a record of achievement.

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