International Day of Mathematics

International Day of Mathematics

UNESCO has designated March 14th to be The International Day of Mathematics when students and the general public will be invited to take part in mathematical activities on the theme of:
Mathematics is Everywhere.
URBrainy has been providing resources which illustrate that mathematics is everywhere for many years, but this seems a particularly good time to point out just some of the areas we have covered.

• In Further Resources: Special Occasions, we have many pages on special events throughout the year, including Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day, Easter, Halloween, November 5th and Christmas.

• In Statistics across the year groups we have many fascinating facts used in tables, charts and graphs, including lengths of rivers, population figures, heights of mountains and much more.

• Our measurement resources supply a wide range of activities from comparing length using terms such as taller and shorter in Year 1, to measuring using kilometres in Year 3 and converting from kilometres to miles in Year 6. There are also plenty of practical ideas for measuring in litres and kilograms across the year groups.

• From reading the time to the nearest hour to using the 24 hour clock we have great sets of time worksheets in each year group, not forgetting using train timetables and working out time problems.

Money and shopping are perfect examples of showing how maths is everywhere and we have a tremendous collection of resources, especially in the lower primary year groups.

• Each year group has a category called Reasoning and Problem Solving which contain many activities where children can explore mathematical ideas and investigate real life situations, such as holidays: weekends in Snowdonia to skiing holidays in Switzerland!

Why not take a closer look at some of these areas of maths to see just how true the statement Mathematics is Everywhere really is?