Year 2: Reasoning and Problem Solving

Year 2: Reasoning and Problem Solving
Thankfully, we have always considered reasoning to be a key part of the maths curriculum and many of our resources in all categories are designed for this. But there is a category in each year group called, ‘Reasoning and Problem Solving’ where you will find a rich source of material.
For Year 2 it is a great place to find challenges and investigations to really stretch the brain. We have several different sections, including:
• Money and shopping
• ‘How many ways’ investigations
• Number challenges
• Further challenges and investigations
• Word problems
• Games
We have a large selection of ‘How many ways ….’ type of practical exercises (e.g. How many different ways can you score 12 with 3 dice?) These encourage children to think logically and order their results so that they can be sure that they have all possible answers. A favourite of mine is the ‘Two Coin Challenge’.
New this week, along similar lines, are ‘Buttons in Boxes 2’ and ‘Apples in boxes’.
Finally, take some time out to play the maths games such as Nim which originated in China. They are great at developing logical thinking and developing a winning strategy. You should never lose if you go first!
These pages really are not to be missed and we thoroughly recommend them.

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