Year 6 Subtraction On-screen activities

Year 6 Subtraction On-screen Activities

On-screen activities are superb for practising mental arithmetic skills and we have just published three new activities for Year 6:
Mental skills form the basis for all methods of written subtraction, but more than this, even when working with large numbers it can be more efficient to use a mental method than a written method. For example:
45,100 – 44,955 requires a good understanding of the formal written method to get to the correct answer, but it can be done easily and certainly more quickly, using a mental strategy. Just add 45 to make 45,000 and then add the 100 to make 45,100. Answer 145.
Our latest sets of activities are aimed at improving mental skills with larger numbers, covering:
• Subtracting 4-digit multiples of 100
• Subtracting 5-digit multiples of 1,000
• Finding the difference either side of a thousand
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