Tackling poetry is often thought to be very difficult, there seem to be many rules, but at the same time perhaps, no rules at all. However, it is something we can all have a go at and the more you do it the better you get. I always remember being told that a poem is simply, ‘the best words in the best order’ and the only way to really fail at writing poetry is not to write at all.

So, probably the hardest part to writing a poem is to get started and we have just produced three new starter ideas to help children write a poem:
• using scary words
• using tasty words
• using stormy words

By giving children a selection of words on a common theme, including antonyms, encouraging them to think of further words and then to put these words to use to describe a situation; most of the hard work has been done. For children who are confident writers limitations to the type of poem can be added, number of lines, having a precise beat, rhyming or not etc.

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