Measurement in Year 2

Measurement in Year 2
One of the key targets in the Year 2 Programme of Study is:

Pupils should be taught to:

• choose and use appropriate standard units to estimate and measure length/height in any direction (m/cm); mass (kg/g); temperature (°C); capacity (litres/ml) to the nearest appropriate unit, using rulers, scales, thermometers and measuring vessels.

In order to achieve this, standard metric measures are introduced, including metres, litres and kilograms.
We have a great selection of worksheets for length, including comparing lengths, measuring using centimetres and metres and ordering. Our latest set, published this week, looks at using a scale to measure heights of objects.
Measuring mass/weight includes comparing and ordering weights, reading scales and using grams and kilograms. Our worksheets also provide plenty of opportunity for practical work, especially with capacity/volume, as it is important that children choose and use appropriate units to estimate and measure and can read the numbered divisions on a scale.
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