Year 1 Number On-screen Practice

As children move on to the summer term it is important that they have the opportunity to re-inforce their new knowledge of working with larger numbers as often as possible. Five minutes of fun maths, squeezed in during the day, will ensure that skills learned recently are not forgotten and our harder on-screen number activities for Year 1 are ideal for this.
We have a great selection of on-screen activities for Year 1 Number, working with numbers up to 100, giving us really comprehensive coverage of the key learning objectives. The topics include:
• Writing numbers up to 100
• Counting in twos to 100
• Count on and back in fives
• Count on and back in tens
Each of our activities is highly focused, concentrating on just one objective. They are short, so children do not lose interest and they are marked on-screen. Printable results sheets are provided, or in the case of our one minute challenges, the score achieved and certificates for high scores.
We don’t know of anywhere else which provides such a detailed collection of activities which can be played on the screen using PC, Mac, tablets such as the iPad or even iPhone.
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