New! Buying Stickers – Money in Years 1 and 2

Finding the cost of two items is an important part of work with money in both Year 1 and Year 2.
Our latest sets for Year 1 involve finding the cost of buying two different stickers priced up to 10p, but they go further than this by showing 6 different stickers and asking how many different pairs of stickers can be bought with the money available. To find all the combinations it really helps to work in a logical manner.
There is no reason not to use paper or plastic coins to assist with the addition, which also helps to remind children when counting on not to include the starting number.
We also have similar pages for Year 2, but the totals of the coins increase up to 50p.
The second set of questions looks at finding the change from 50p after buying stickers valued in multiples of 5p. The fabulous bright illustrations will make all these pages a real hit.
Children’s experience of working with money is likely to have been variable during the last year as they may not have used coins at all in the real world. This type of work is invaluable both for coin recognition and addition and subtraction skills.
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