Buying Stickers – Money in Years 3 and 4

A great selection of new money worksheets is also available for both Year 3 and Year 4, again using the theme of stickers.

It is in Year 4 that children are expected to write pounds and pence using the correct decimal notation. For example, three pounds and five pence is written as £3.05. It must be emphasised that the amount shown above is pounds and that the pence sign is not needed, so £3.05p would be incorrect, although this is often seen on prices in the real world.

Children will be asked to solve simple word problems involving money, although they are not expected to use the formal written method to add decimals until Year 5. Our most recent publications involve a wonderful selection of sticker problems. Bright and colourful illustrations of flowers, birds and monsters are at the forefront of some pretty tricky questions.

Why not have a look at our complete collection of money worksheets for Years 3 and 4.

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