Reception: Matching Sets of Objects

Reception: Matching Sets of Objects
Being able to count objects is a crucial part of early maths work and future success with maths depends upon it. Interestingly, it involves more than may at first be apparent.
Firstly, children need to realise that each object can only be counted once. To begin with it is a good idea to encourage children to line up objects and touch each one as they count. With images on paper, touch each one in turn, or even mark each one.
Secondly, the names of the numbers need to be known in order. Look out for children who miss out the name of a number when counting.
Thirdly, children need to understand that the last number counted is the total number.
Fourthly, an understanding that things other than solid objects can be counted; claps, drum-beats etc all help with this.
Finally, an understanding that the order counted does not matter. Once children have counted a group of objects move them round and ask how many there are. If they count them all again they have not fully grasped this principle.
With all this in mind it is important to have as many counting opportunities as possible, including counting images on a page. We have just published some lovely new sets of counting and matching pages for Lower Reception. Take a look now.
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