Year 1 Money

Working with money in Year 1 is a great way to consolidate number skills, especially counting on and back and finding small totals. Our latest sets of pages involve plenty of practical activity. For example, on the first page children are asked to colour in the number of pennies that match a 5p coin. One of the best ways to do this is to have a jar of 1p coins (real or plastic/paper) and ask the child to take the correct number of coins out and place them on top of the images on the paper. Colouring can then be done as each 1p coin is removed. Later pages become trickier as 2p and 5p coins have to be added together to find the total of 1p coins needed.
The second new set gives children more choice as they are asked to select coins to add together. Take a look now at all our money pages for Year 1, including our newly published resources.
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