Year 3 Place Value and Addition

In Year 3 children will begin to understand how 3-digit numbers are made up; for example, they will express 345 as 3 hundreds, 4 tens and 5 ones. This partitioning of numbers is vital when it comes to mentally adding up two 3-digit numbers. Our latest set of worksheets really helps with this, with questions such as:
300 + 50 + 9 = ?
? + 40 + 4 = 944
What must you add to 606 to make 666?
This is just one of over 50 sets of pages, all on addition for Year 3.
(Note that when the most recent National Curriculum was introduced the term ‘units’ was replaced by ‘ones’. Whilst there is no set guidance on the terminology a large percentage of teachers now seem to favour ‘ones’ and we have altered the vast majority of our pages to reflect this.)

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