Resource of the Week: Writing numbers


We all know adults who write numbers in weird and wonderful ways, which often makes the numbers difficult to read. It’s vital that your child learns the correct way to form his or her numbers, where to start, and in which direction to move the pencil.

There are only ten digits to learn to be able to write any whole number, so by the time they are up to 5 they are half way there. The number 5 starts at the top, moving from right to left before moving down and finally in a neat buy ambien zolpidem online curve. Start by tracing over the grey number 5 with a finger, then use a thick crayon to draw over the number. Practise again and again using our other pages on writing the number 5.

There are also full sets of worksheets on each of the other numbers up to 9.

This is just one of a fantastic range of funĀ  maths activities which will quickly help your child become confident with number and enjoy their maths.

Go to our Resources on Writing Numbers as Digits

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