Year 2 measuring activities

Here are some great activities to do to help with measuring length, suitable for Year 2 children who can read and numbers and count up to 100. At least two people are needed.

They involve using a metre ruler, but a metre tape will also do just as well. (You can always pick one of these up in Ikea, if you are near!)

The first activity involves measuring the length of one stride. Some decisions have to be made as to how to do this as accurately as possible. Where do you start from? Where does the stride end? At the front of the foot or the back?

The second activity measures a standing long jump: absolutely no run up allowed here!

Children need a great deal of practice with measurement and can often make mistakes – you would be surprised at how many children will start at the wrong end of the tape, so these are very worthwhile activities but do need supervision.

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