Year 2 and 3: Measuring Length

YMeasure lengthear 2 and 3: Measuring Length

Measuring length is the subject of our latest Year 2 worksheets. With two sets on measuring using centimetres, two on choosing the best unit to measure with and a further two on comparing lengths, they are part of a great collection of measurement pages. Of course, much of the work on measurement should be practical in nature as children are introduced to measuring in centimetres or metres using a ruler. With over 15 sets of worksheets just on measuring length we have resources as good as any available anywhere.

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The new worksheets just published for Year 3 clearly show the progress that needs to be made between the two years. In Year 3 children are expected to compare lengths that are written in different ways: e.g. which is longer: 481 cm or 4 m 18 cm?

We have also just published a tricky set which looks at subtracting centimetres from whole metres (e.g. 2 m – 81 cm = ?). Bar models can be very effective in helping with this.
Altogether we have an excellent collection of work covering all aspects of measurement in Year 3. Why not have a look now?

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