6 Maths Mastery

Year 6 Maths Mastery
Maths Mastery Support Materials
Exciting news if you are a Year 6 teacher looking for material to support the maths mastery programme in your school.
Great news for parents with children in Year 6 being taught using the maths mastery programme and are not sure how best to help.
Beginning with the Autumn Term we have updated sets of worksheets from our extensive range which are ideal for use with each block of a typical maths mastery programme.
Our resources have been designed to work alongside the mastery planning, providing extra resources and support. They are not a scheme of work in themselves. Each term will be divided into blocks of work so that children concentrate on one block of content for a considerable length of time until a secure understanding has been achieved. The Autumn Term blocks are:
Block 1: Number and Place Value
Block 2a: Addition and Subtraction
Block 2b: Multiplication and Division
Block 3: Fractions
Block 4: Position and Direction

We cannot guarantee that the order we progress through the term will be the same as that of a particular school, but we are following similar blocks of work as used in many schools across the country.
Also, please note that these are support materials and cannot replace the work done in school through mastery programmes, maths hubs etc. For parents we feel one page a day, for 5 days a week, is ample without overloading your child.
Of course, if you are not following a maths mastery programme these are still great resources for your children.
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