Year 4 Maths Mastery for Summer Term

Year 4 Maths Mastery for Summer TermThe support materials for the second half of the summer term for Maths Mastery in Year 4 are now available, completing the year’s work. The topics are:• Geometry: properties of shapesRecognising acute and obtuse angles, comparing the size of angles and classifying 4-sided shapes are all part the year […]

Year 5 Mental Addition

Year 5 Mental AdditionChildren need plenty of practice at adding larger numbers mentally. This often involves adding multiples of 1,000 or even 10,000 to 5 or 6-digit numbers. When working with such large numbers it is easy to make errors or read the number incorrectly. We have just added further sets of pages on this […]

Year 4: Solving problems

Year 4: Solving problemsPlanting vegetables and gardening have been very popular activities over the last few weeks for many lucky children with gardens at home, and we are pleased to add some great problem solving pages on planting flowers, bulbs and seeds for Year 4. The instructions on the pack have to be followed to […]

Year 2: Measuring Weight

Year 2: Measuring Weight In Year 2 children are introduced to kilograms and grams. Scales are a great way to compare the mass of different objects which leads on to ordering items from lightest to heaviest. There is plenty of material on the site on both comparing mass and weighing objects and six new sets […]

Year 1 Fractions

Year 1 FractionsFortunately the targets for children to achieve in Year 1 are sensible:• recognise, find and name a half as one of two equal parts of an object, shape or quantity. • recognise, find and name a quarter as one of four equal parts of an object, shape or quantity. Plenty of practical work […]

Telling the Time in Year 2

Telling the Time in Year 2In Year 2 there is a great deal for children to understand about time. We have grouped our time worksheets into the following sub-categories, with plenty to choose from in each:• revise telling the time to the half hour• telling the time to a quarter of an hour• telling the […]

Florence Nightingale’s 200th Anniversary

Florence Nightingale’s 200th AnniversaryProbably the most famous nurse ever known, Florence Nightingale was born into a wealthy English family on 12th May 1820 and studied nursing in London. In 1854 she was asked to take a team of nurses out to Scutari to nurse the wounded soldiers from the Crimean War after newspapers reported that […]

The Great Plague in Eyam

The Great Plague in Eyam Whilst most of the world is in lockdown, researchers have been looking to see if we can learn lessons from the sacrifices made by the people of the Derbyshire village of Eyam during the Great Plague of 1665. There have been many outbreaks of plague across the world but the […]

Year 5 Read and Write Numbers

Year 5 Read and Write NumbersBy the end of Year 5, children will be expected to read and write up to 6-digit numbers in both numerals and words. This is by no means an easy task when faced with writing in numerals a number such as six hundred and four thousand and fifty and children […]