Reasoning in Year 3: Money Problems

Reasoning in Year 3: Money Problems Our latest sets of worksheets for Year 3 on money problem solving are now available. The pages are really bright and colourful but the maths is tricky. For most of the questions two separate calculations need to be carried out to reach the answer. The questions are pictorial, with […]

Verbs in KS1 and KS2

Verbs in KS1 and KS2 It is some time since we have talked about verbs, but with the new test papers in place we now know that verbs crop up in both the KS1 and KS2 papers. This makes it very important that children understand and use them correctly. At KS1 the requirement is that […]

KS2 Arithmetic Paper practice

KS2 Arithmetic Paper: multiplying and dividing fractions We are not far away from having sets of worksheets covering every question from the new KS2 Arithmetic Paper! Today we have published four more sets of pages on: Multiplying proper fractions by whole numbers Multiplying 2-digit numbers by mixed numbers Multiplying simple fractions Dividing simple fractions by […]

Reasoning in Year 1

Reasoning in Year 1: shopping and money Some of my favourite worksheets of recent times have just been published for Year 1. They provide rich problem solving activities for those who have mastered the basic addition and subtraction skills. The shopping and money worksheets are bright and colourful as well as having little writing, but […]

Year 5 Weekly Programme

Year 5 Weekly Programme We are continuing with our weekly programme for Year 5 with the next half term’s resources having just been published. Six weeks of mixed activities, covering a wide range of maths, although calculating is the main priority. Week 13 starts by looking at really large numbers with reading and writing numbers […]

Free New Year Worksheets

Free New Year Worksheets The start of a new year is a great time to reflect on the past and look forward to the new. Our fabulous New Year worksheets, including some excellent resources on New Year’s Resolutions, are now all available absolutely free for anyone on a trial. The New Year’s Resolutions pages range […]

New worksheets: Year 4 Number and Place Value

New worksheets: Year 4 Number and Place Value We have just published two sets of Year 4 maths worksheets which are proving to be very popular. The first looks at ordering football attendances with numbers beyond 1000, whilst the second looks at ordering the prices of holidays/cruises beyond 1000. Both these form a part of […]

Christmas resources

Christmas free resources Wow! It really doesn’t seem that a whole year has passed since we last wrote about Christmas worksheets, but we have achieved a great deal over the last year and there is much more on its way. We have published a large number of worksheets for the latest KS2 Arithmetic Paper and […]

Year 4 Reasoning and Problem Solving

Year 4 Reasoning and Problem Solving One of the key issues in primary maths at the moment is how to develop children’s reasoning and problem solving skills. In the classroom children are being asked more and more to solve mathematical problems and to explain the reasoning behind their choice of method. Explanations can be oral […]

English vocabulary: cloze procedures

English vocabulary: cloze procedures Cloze procedures are great for developing vocabulary. A cloze procedure, or exercise, is a piece of writing where children have to fill in the missing words so that the sentences make sense. Sometimes there is a collection of words that can be used to fill the gaps, sometimes it is an […]