Times Tables Certificates

Times Tables Certificates Learning multiplication tables, or times tables, is a real challenge for many children and making that effort deserves a reward. Of course, the main reward is that it makes many other calculations so much easier, but it is also good to have a certificate to show the achievements. We have many certificates […]

Word Classes in Upper KS2

Word Classes in Upper KS2Whilst much of the work on pronouns will have been covered in earlier years it is well worth going over the types of pronoun again in Years 5 or 6. They often come up in the KS2 SATs and it is very easy to forget just what they are. We have […]

Year 5 Shape and Angles On-screen

Year 5 Shape and Angles On-screenWe are really pleased that we now have on-screen activities which are perfect for helping children in Year 5 with 3-D shape and angle. The first looks at the number of faces on 3-D shapes such as triangular prisms, cuboids and octagonal prisms. The second looks at calculating an angle […]

Year 4 Statistics and Interpreting Data

Year 4 Statistics and Interpreting DataWe have just published three new sets of pages on statistics which all look at interpreting data displayed in different ways. The first looks at tally charts which are really useful when collecting data. The second considers bar charts with some lovely flower illustrations to help. The third also has […]

New! Year 3 Adding Fractions

New! Year 3 Adding FractionsYear 3 might seem early to start adding and subtracting fractions, but the Year 3 Programme of Study states:• Add and subtract fractions with the same denominator within one whole.At this stage it is important that children understand what is happening when two fractions are added; look out for the common […]

New! Year 1 Sharing in Years 1 and 2

New! Year 1 Sharing in Years 1 and 2 Bright, fun illustrations are just what’s needed to help children understand the process of sharing equally. Whether it’s apples, monsters, ducks or strawberries there should be something to interest everyone. The key to this work is to remember that sharing equally does not just mean sharing […]

Gold, Silver and Bronze Certificates

Just Published: Gold, Silver and Bronze CertificatesNow available, colourful award certificates which children will love. A4 or A5 size with a choice of our famous Maths Rats, Tommy Turtle or Brainy Pigs. Because of their design these can be awarded for both achievement and effort. With 24 different certificates in total these are a really […]

Year 6 Rounding

New! Year 6 RoundingOne super new resource this week for Year 6 Number. Rounding 7-digit numbers to the nearest million is the task and it is a timed challenge, so there is only one minute to answer as many questions as possible. Don’t expect high scores; 9 correct in a minute will certainly earn a […]

New! Year 4 Activities

New! Year 4 ActivitiesMore new activities can be found in our Year 4 on-screen games section including both measurement and graphs. They include:• Identifying types of angle• Identifying types of triangle• Finding the number of seconds in minutes• Reading graphs with negative numbers.The Reading Graphs activity is especially useful for negative numbers as it asks […]

Years 2 and 3 Measurement and Shape Activities

New! Years 2 and 3 Measurement and Shape Activities Brilliant new sets of resources for Year 2 covering measuring length in centimetres, comparing weight and reading capacity are now available. These concepts are extended in Year 3 as we have also published new activities on converting lengths and comparing the mass or capacity activities.In our […]