Free Christmas activities

Free Christmas activities The end of the Autumn Term is certainly hectic, with teachers and children heavily engaged in Christmas activities, plays, carol concerts etc, all of which have to be fitted in around the normal curriculum. A high priority for us when writing maths worksheets is to create bright and lively pages which will, […]

Year 4: on-screen activities: counting in multiples of 6, 7 and 9

Year 4: on-screen activities: counting in multiples of 6, 7 and 9 New on-screen activities to help children count quickly and accurately in multiples of 6, 7 and 9 have just been published. These might seem easy but when using numbers in the thousands and crossing the hundreds boundary they can be tricky. The great […]

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Year 2 Money

Year 2 Money New resources this week include matching equal amounts of coins and activities using notes and are now available in the Year 2 Money section. This is a really important, practical and relevant part of the curriculum and it is a pity that some of the maths mastery programmes only put aside one […]

Year 1 Addition: bar models

Year 1 Addition There is no doubt that number lines and bar modelling are now used in many schools to help children understand calculating, especially those who are using a maths mastery approach. We have just added some great new resources using both number lines and bar models to supplement what is already a superb […]

KS2 Maths SATs Booster

KS2 Maths SATs Booster: calculating in the reasoning papers Whilst there is a separate Calculations Paper there are also many calculation questions in the other two Reasoning Papers, making calculating by far the most important part of the tests. It is just that the questions are designed differently and not set out in the standard […]

Multiplication and understanding factors in Year 5

Multiplication and understanding factors in Year 5 Arrays and multiplication are useful tools to help children understand what factors are. We have just published two sets of worksheets on identifying factors in the context of multiplication and division. The first uses children’s knowledge of tables to find factors: for example, if 5 x 2 = […]

Money in Year 4

Money in Year 4 5 great new sets of money worksheets are now available for Year 4, including finding and matching amounts written in different ways (eg 308p and £3.08) and finding the total cost of several items. It is in Year 4 that children are first expected to write pounds and pence using the […]

Year 2 Subtraction on-screen activities

Year 2 Subtraction on-screen activities Great news: there are now on-screen activities to help children learn and understand the vocabulary related to subtraction. This is a part of maths which can easily be overlooked, but which is critical. To be successful children need to know and correctly use terms such as take away, take from, […]

Maths Mastery Years 1, 2 and 3 Maths Mastery Years 1, 2 and 3 Year 1 Mastery Programme: Geometry Our Maths Mastery support materials are available for the rest of term, for Years 1, 2 and 3. A combination of worksheets and on-screen activities provide superb support for any teachers using a maths mastery approach, as well as a great resource […]

KS2 SATs Success with Geometry

KS2 SATs Success with Geometry/Shape The questions on the Maths SAT Reasoning Papers tend to be very similar from year to year, which means that, with practice, children can become confident answering the type of questions that they will meet. Shape/Geometry questions are extremely popular in the KS2 Maths Reasoning Papers and we have just […]