Year 4 Measurement

Year 4 Measurement Measurement is a subject that can be easily overlooked but is very important for developing real life skills. Within the National Curriculum measurement includes measuring length, mass, temperature and volume/capacity. But it also includes money and time. For several year groups we have separate categories for money and time as they are […]

Grammar: More adjectives

Grammar: More adjectives Adjectives form a major part of grammar work in years 1 and 2 and children will be taught that an adjective is a word that describes somebody or something (e.g. old, careful, huge). Children will also be shown that adjectives usually come before a noun, but they can be put after linking […]

Measuring Volume in Year 6

Year 6 Measuring Volume Because space is three dimensional (it has length, width and height) we use cubic units to measure volume. In the metric system the main units of volume are: •    cubic millimetres •    cubic centimetres •    cubic metres •    a litre is also a metric measure of volume, which is the space […]

Reasoning worksheets for Year 5

Reasoning worksheets for Year 5 Many of our resources in all categories involve mathematical reasoning, but we also have a special area, called Reasoning/Problem Solving for each year group which really concentrates on this important aspect of Mathematics. We have just published four new sets of resources for Year 5 Reasoning on: •    Ordering decimals […]

Year 5 weekly programme: latest updates

Year 5 weekly programme: latest updates The year seems to be flying past and we are already into the summer term and our next collection of worksheets for the year 5 weekly programme are now available. Week 25 starts by looking at ordering large numbers and rounding to the nearest 10000 and 100000. The rest […]

Year 1 Phonics Screening Check

Year 1 Phonics Screening Check The Year 1 Phonics Screening Check will begin on the week commencing 12th June 2017. It is designed to show how well children can use the phonics skills they have learned, but perhaps more importantly it identifies those who need extra help. It is certainly nothing for parents to worry […]

Subtracting mentally in Year 3

Subtracting mentally in Year 3 Mental arithmetic should still be a vital part of lessons for children in Year 3  and we have just published three new sets of worksheets on specific skills of subtraction. The first set takes a look at subtracting 9 from 3-digit numbers. Children should already be familiar with the idea […]

Year 4 Short Division

Year 4 Short Division Probably one of the hardest aspects of maths that children meet in Year 4 is short division. Short division is an abridged version of long division, involving more mental arithmetic but less written work. The division calculation is started in the same way as long division, leaving space for the answer […]

Aviators and aviatrixes Sunday 16th April 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of Wilbur Wright. He and his brother Orville are famous for inventing and building the first powered flying machines that were fully controlled by pilots. 2017 is also the 80th anniversary of the disappearance of the record breaking pilot Amelia Earhart. […]

KS2 Maths Reasoning Paper: Fractions and Decimals

KS2 Maths Reasoning Paper: Fractions and Decimals Our aim to have full coverage of every aspect of the Maths KS2 SAT Papers edges ever nearer with a new collection of worksheets on fractions and decimals. A great emphasis was put on fractions in the new Programme of Study in 2014 and this has been reflected […]