Year 5 Number On-screen Activities

In Year 5 children are expected to work with 6-digit numbers, reading and writing them, ordering, comparing and rounding them. Our newest sets of on-screen activities are ideal at providing unlimited practice for:• comparing 6-digit numbers using <, > and = signs• finding multiples of 10,000 more or less than a given number• rounding to […]

Reception: Comparing numbers

Our latest set of pages for later Reception covers two early aspects of maths; recognising the numerals from 0 to 9 and using the term ‘larger than’ to compare two numbers.These pages are great because they show the number as a figure but each one also has the equivalent number of dots within the number […]

Year 1 Addition

The importance of understanding number and addition at the beginning of Year 1 cannot be underestimated, particularly at this time when most children coming into Year 1 have missed the last term of reception. It is important, therefore, to have plenty of simple addition activities to encourage knowledge of number bonds to 10. We have […]

Year 4 Partitioning and Place Value

Part-whole models are used to help children to see the relationship between a number and its component parts.For example: 37 can be made up of 30 and 7It can also be made up in other ways, such as 27 and 10 or 20 and 17. The key to working successfully with larger numbers is to […]

Year 5 Solving Problems and Investigating

Year 5 Solving Problems and Investigating The skills needed to solve mathematical problems and investigations are a crucial part of the primary maths curriculum. They are skills that might not arise naturally from the day-today teaching of maths and need time devoted to them. That is why we have always had separate categories for problem […]

Year 6 Subtraction On-screen activities

Year 6 Subtraction On-screen Activities On-screen activities are superb for practising mental arithmetic skills and we have just published three new activities for Year 6:Mental skills form the basis for all methods of written subtraction, but more than this, even when working with large numbers it can be more efficient to use a mental method […]

Year 5 Order and Compare Numbers

Year 5 Order and Compare NumbersChildren in Year 5 are expected to be able to read, write and compare numbers up to a million, but there is a lot of work that needs to be done with smaller numbers before this can be achieved. We have just published two new sets of pages working with […]

Year 3: Understanding Multiplication

Year 3: Understanding MultiplicationIt is always worth recapping concepts that children have come across before and in Year 3, the understanding of making and adding equal groups is important in the context of multiplication. We have just added a new set of worksheets asking children to match representations to times tables. This is just a […]

Year 2: Subtraction Word Problems

Year 2: Subtraction Word ProblemsThere is a move within schools to try and make maths as relevant as possible, part of which is to include more written problems involving real life situations. Whilst the maths to solve the problems is often quite easy with these types of question, it is working out what maths to […]

Year 1: Money

Year 1: MoneyMoney and coins in Year 1Working with coins in practical contexts is both an effective way to become confident with money, but also helps with addition and subtraction. Undoubtably, one of the best resources in a classroom or at home is a collection of real coins or plastic coins. At the beginning of […]