Year 2 and 3 Graphs

Statistics work is always an interesting topic to teach, but there are important concepts to cover, including how to use and interpret tally charts and pictograms in Year 2. Our latest resource asks children to complete a block diagram from given data. Similar tasks have also been published for Year 3, but the block graphs […]

Maths Mastery in Year 5

The first half of the Spring Term Maths Mastery resources are now available. Taken from our vast selection of Year 5 material these worksheets are particularly suited for the maths mastery approach. The first three week block looks at multiplication and division. Whilst it is important to continue to improve mental methods of calculating the […]

Year 6 Dividing mentally

Whilst the written methods of long and short division take up a considerable amount of time in Year 6 it is important not to neglect other aspects of mental division. Understanding place value is central to our ability to calculate mentally and this still needs to be reinforced in Year 6. When dividing by 10 […]

Fraction sequences in Year 5

A key task in Year 5 is for children to have as much practice as possible counting up and down in a given fraction. An important part of this is to determine by how much the sequence is increasing or decreasing. This is easy with whole numbers but needs a little more thought when working […]

Free Home Study Packs

With schools now closed again, we have produced weekly packs of Primary Maths resources which are free of charge, allowing you to support your child while they are at home. We have selected six sets for each pack from our large collection of high quality resources, with each pack concentrating on a particular area. A […]

Year 4 Division on-screen activities

Great news: we have just added 15 more on-screen activities to challenge children on mental division. They concentrate on mental division by 11 and 12, including bar models to help visualise the problems, as well as finding numbers that are divisible by 11 and 12.These can be quite tricky, especially if children have not yet […]

Year 3 Money

Money is one of the topics we get asked for most, and we have an excellent selection of resources, especially in Year 3. We have sub-divided the topic into 5 sub-categories:• Counting with money and making amounts with coins• Writing money in pounds and pence• Addition and subtraction of money• Sharing money equally• Money word […]

Gingerbread division for Years 2 and 3

With the cold dark days of winter here nothing like a taste of gingerbread to sweeten working with division in maths and we have just published new pages with a gingerbread theme for both Years 2 and 3.Year 2: understanding division by 10In Year 2 the questions revolve around packing gingerbread people into boxes of […]

New Year worksheets

Only a few days until New Year’s Eve and the next week is a great time to reflect on the very strange past year and what to look forward to in the new year. Our fantastic New Year worksheets, including New Year’s Resolutions, are now all available for 2021 and include some great activities.The New […]

Free graph paper

Running short of graph paper, or cannot find any dotty paper in the cupboard? Why not download free pages to print out from our great new selection? Never be without graph paper again! They are available completely free for all accounts even trial and expired ones. These free resources include:• Lined paperA great selection of […]