English vocabulary: cloze procedures

English vocabulary: cloze procedures Cloze procedures are great for developing vocabulary. A cloze procedure, or exercise, is a piece of writing where children have to fill in the missing words so that the sentences make sense. Sometimes there is a collection of words that can be used to fill the gaps, sometimes it is an […]

Year 3 learning times table resources

Year 3 learning times table resources Learning times tables can be a struggle for many children but others get to grips with them really quickly.  We can help with both those who find learning tables tricky and those who master them quickly by providing lots of fun materials and we have just added even more […]

English writing: newspaper reports

English writing: newspaper reports Writing newspaper reports can be a fun way to write creatively for an audience. There are several points to bear in mind when writing a newspaper report: a. have a really attention grabbing headline b. keep the opening short but informative so that the reader can get the key points of […]

Reasoning about place value in Year 3

Reasoning about place value in Year 3 Place value is one of the fundamental concepts of the primary maths curriculum. Place value is all about the value of a number, depending on the position or place it is in. For example the value of 3 in 234 is different from the value of the 3 […]

Year 6 maths SAT: numbers with commas

Year 6 maths SAT: numbers with commas The simple comma shows just how muddled government thinking has been in relation to mathematics in primary school and will undoubtedly cause problems for our children. The first round of the new KS2 SATs used a comma to separate the thousands from the hundreds, tens and units: e.g. […]

World War I: tunnels, Zeppelins and more

World War I: tunnels, Zeppelins and more We are continuing with our series of First World War comprehension worksheets by looking at three more unusual subjects: The Munitionettes, Tunnel Warfare and Zeppelins. The pages, which also include factsheets, provide clear and concise summaries as well as being an excellent starting point for further research. The […]

Year 5 Assessment Paper

How well is your Year 5 child doing? We are delighted to publish the latest in our set of assessments for each year group, which are all available free of charge, even if you are not a subscriber. The latest Year 5 Assessment is based around the new primary curriculum and is a very comprehensive […]

Decimals in KS2 Arithmetic Paper Six sets of worksheets on addition and subtraction of decimals have just been added to the KS2 Arithmetic Paper category. As far as possible we have tried to emulate the layout of the SAT paper, but we have put more questions on a page! Each page has questions directly related […]

Using number lines in Year 2

Using number lines in Year 2 Spending time on mastering key ideas is something which many schools have been weak at. Because the scheme of work has to be completed in a set time, the tendency has been to teach something and quickly move on to the next thing. The result has been that children […]

The Great Plague of 1665 worksheets

The Great Plague of 1665 worksheets There have been many outbreaks of plague across the World but the Great Plague of 1665 was the last major outbreak in England. It is said to have come to London from Dutch trading ships and it spread at an alarming rate through the city. Meanwhile the people of […]