Coins and Money in Year 2

The last six months will have changed many people’s attitude to money and shopping. Far more transactions are now being made using contactless cards etc and far less using notes and coins. Nevertheless, becoming familiar with coins is an important part of work for children, especially in Year 2.In Year 2 children should be familiar […]

Year 1 Addition

For many schools this is the time of year to really get stuck into addition and subtraction, especially so in Year 1 when there is a great deal to cover. At first addition can be seen as counting on, using real objects, such as having six counters and adding a further three. This might seem […]

Phonics Screening Check for Year 1/2

Parents of Year 2 children will soon be hearing from school about the phonic screening check their children should have taken last June when in Year 1. This is a check that teachers will make to show how well children can use phonic skills and to identify children who need extra help.Cancellation of the phonics […]

Roman Gods (2)

Four more Roman Gods feature this week with short introductions and follow up ideas. Look out later in the year for stories related to Roman gods. NeptuneNeptune was the Roman god of the sea. He is similar to the Greek god Poseidon. He was the son of Saturn and Ops and the brother of Jupiter, […]

Year 6 Subtraction

Now for some quite tricky mental subtraction for Year 6 children. Working with 6 and 7 figure numbers to subtract is no easy task and the skills learnt in earlier years will be needed – for example counting on. One of the key aspects of this is to realise that a quick starting point for […]

Year 3 Converting Measurements

It is important in Year 3 that children have plenty of practice measuring using millimetres and centimetres. Part of this is to be able to convert from one to the other. For example, 34 mm can be converted to 3 cm and 4 mm. At this stage the decimal point is not introduced.Our latest set […]

Roman Gods

We have taken a slightly different approach to our latest topic, Roman Gods and Goddesses, providing a brief introduction to some of the better known figures and follow up work requiring further thinking or research. This week we look at four:Saturn was the king of the Roman gods and the god of time, wealth and […]

Year 6 Algebra

Function machines are an excellent way to help children with the early stages of algebra. The number that is put into the machine is called the input and the number that comes out is called the output. The function machine will always carry out the same operations in the same order. For example, the machine […]

Year 5 Angles on a straight line

Two brand new sets of pages for Year 5 which look at angles on a straight line. Both are very different; the first looks at calculating the angles on a straight line using the knowledge that the sum of the angles comes to 180 degrees. The second looks at measuring angles on a straight line […]

Year 4 Finding Fractions

Understanding fractions is a topic that requires a lot of practice and it is well worth going over concepts many times to make sure that children understand them. In Year 4 children need to explore fractions of shapes and quantities and through this, the meaning of the numerator and denominator. A great way to do […]